Whale Watching in Sydney


Whale Watching in Sydney

The final week of winter school holidays is upon us and just in time as the family fun ideas are running short and the kids are starting to go back to their i-pads, i-pods and online friends. So, with an attempt at one last final hoorah to get them outdoors and looking at life rather than a screen, why not take them for a day out Whale watching!?


The annual Whale migration runs between May and November every year making winter school holidays a prime time to go and see them. It can also be a good excuse to go north towards warmer weather; up the central coast or further towards Newcastle. If you don’t have the time and / or the kids don’t have the patience to travel don’t fret! There are Whales locally as well.

The most local area to view the Whale migration is down towards Wollongong. Stanwell Tops in particular, has some incredible walks and lookouts that make for a fantastic active day out by the ocean with the family. Bald Hill is a fantastic vantage point to see the beauty of our coast line, catch a glimpse of a Whale and while you’re there why not have a go at hang gliding? You can even organise to join a group hike with Royal Coast Walks, through the Royal National Park to see the Whales.


We are so lucky in Australia to be able to view these beautiful creatures just off our coast line. Whether you decide to go north or south there are plenty of places you can choose to see them. It is a personal favourite past time of mine to find and see Whales. They are such big and beautiful animals that every child and adult should go and see at least once in their lives.